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We put all our personal experience and passion to create new and better bike trip in the Czech Republic. We spent a lot of days biking around the country, to find out different and better routes and to colect all the necesary information you might need when you afford one of this route.

Czech Republic is a country where is really convenient to make some cycling holiday as there is an efficent bike path system conectiong all the cities each other and it’s served by many bike friendly facilities such as accommodation or bus and trains for bikes.

We can help you to set up you cycling holiday as you need according with your requests.


 What we offer:

  • Bike rent with side bags

Our bikes are made in Italy with high level quality components, perfect for bike escursion.

With bike rentals you will also get a pair os side bike bags (pannier) for a total capacity of 30 liter

  • Map and itinerary routes

You can choose one of our planner itinerary or ask us a customized one, we will create a route based on your spcific requests

  • Service smart phone with gps

A usefull and easy to use smart phone with travel cherger, bike support + solar panels.
This phone has a Czech SIM card and dedicated apps plus the gpx files with your itinerary prepare by our team.
You can the use the phone to call us in case of emergency.

  • Luggage delivery

Every day we will carry your stuff, so you can bike more relaxed

  • Tour leader

An expert tour guide who will lead you to destination and who can help you on the road

  • Bike delivery or pick up

You can choose where to start and to finish your trip, we will then take care of the bikes and material




Individual self guided trip

Self guided trip + assistance

Full guided trip

Bike Rentalanoanoano

Helmets & locks


Maps & itinerary


Smart phone with dedicated GPS maps


24h assistance




Repair kit


Luggage delivery






Minivan assistance


Tour leader


Ferry boat nor other transfers on the road


Prices from:

3 days castle tour

4 days Prague to Krumlov

5 days Prague to Dresden

7 days Prague to Vienna

13 Days Prague to Venice

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