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Bicycle and electric bike rental

Get a bike and go to explore Prague city centre. We can provide you the best bike or e.bikes for your ride in Prague or as well a good trekking bike for a countryside adventure. Have a look at our best offer !

Guided E-bike tour of Prague

Every day this great e bike tour will lead you to discover the best of Prague and its hidden places. Our tour guides will be happy to not only show you the city, but also to answer all your question. Hurry up, this is for SMALL GROUPS only !

Prague parks Ebike tour

Discover our fun way to see the hidden gems of Prague's park with its breathtaking points of view of the city centre. Places normally normaly only for locals.

Bike tour to Karlstejn castle

Karlstejn castle is one of the most popular destionation in Prague. Join this unique tour which will bring you to an exiting bike ride to discover a 14 century historical place.

Bike tour to Okor castle

One exiting day trip to Okor castle ruins is the perfect way to escape for uìone day from the busy city centre and have a healthy cycling experience.

What could be better than driving or walking around the most picturesque city in Europe? Make the most of your travels with an exciting and informative bike ride around Prague!

We Bike Prague offers daily bicycle rentals and guided E-Bike tours of Prague. For those who are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, we have guided cycling trips to the countryside. We Bike Prague can also help you organize a multiple-day bike trip on the Czech Greenway bike path system. We also offer complete trips to other cities such as Dresden, Vienna, Munich, and Berlin.

Throw away your maps, print, or electronic travel guides. Our highly talented and devoted team has fallen in love with Prague and is extremely knowledgeable about its popular neighborhoods. We adore discovering both mysterious and epoch-making secrets and sharing our experience with the city’s guests. Our unique stories will turn your regular E-bike tour into an unforgettable adventure.

Welcome you to explore…

If you’re looking for a laid back trip, you can pick ATALA brand stylish cruisers to focus more on the joy of riding along the city’s most famous attractions and along the Vltava River. You can stop whenever you’d like to take in the beautiful sights, take pictures with your friends, and hear amusing stories from your We Bike Prague guide.

Also check out our easy-riding MTB and hybrid bikes with extra convenient seats that are suitable for casual riding.
Contact us, and we’ll help you pick a trusty steed and tailor the bike rental or e-bike tour to your liking.


Contact us, and we’ll help you pick a trusty steed and tailor an cycling or e-bike tour in Prague to your liking.



Meet the Team:

Behind every business there is always a team of people working to create a successful enterprise who strive to offer the best service to our clients.

Our team consists of people from all different working backgrounds with various skillsets. You can be sure that they are putting all of their knowledge and effort to offer the best experience.


"whatever you do, put passion into it G.M."


The architect who is in charge of coordination and supervision of our activities.

After a successful career in building design and construction, he chose to start a new green business He began by importing a brand new type of Electric bikes into the Czech Republic made by the ATALA company from Italy.


He always sets high expectations for the team, giving them suggestions and encouragement, posing as source of inspiration for new projects.



While studying industrial engineering in electronics and having a degree in forestry and wooded technologies, he always has had a genuine passions for art and history. After a few years of working in the industrial branch, he ended up centering his work around the very first great thing he learned when he was a child: to ride a bike.


Now he is also a licensed expert in Prague's history and is a valid tour guide for your excursions.


During his years as a professional racing cyclist, he found quality time to complete his studies in the fine arts, even as he had to train hard and ride up to 40,000 Km per year.


Now retired from the demanding world of racing, but keeps fit and practices his knowledge in the arts by leading tours. He is simply the perfect guide for any kind of levels of bike activities or to discover the art of Prague and Czech Republic.

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